What is Paintless Dent Repair?


Paintless Dent Repair or PDR,  is the process of removing dings, dents, creases and hail damage from your vehicle without the need of painting or using body fillers, which means your vehicle is totally original. PDR is much more of an art than a science which takes years to learn let alone master. Done correctly your vehicle will look as it did prior to being damaged.



How Does it Work?


AutoPro1.com will use specially designed tools to access the back of the damaged area of your vehicle to massage the damaged area back to like new condition. This is done by first assessing how to best repair the damage as every dent is a different challenge. AutoPro1.com will access the damaged area through a variety of possibilities such as the window, wiring loom, headlight or taillight, maybe a panel will need to be removed or possibly by drilling a hole. PDR tools are then used to methodically apply the correct amounts of pressure in very precise locations to massage the damaged area. This is where the experience and skill of choosing AutoPro1.com will become evident. Understanding the location of the tool on the backside of the damaged area of your vehicle is a difficult skill to accomplish. An experienced technician can typically repair your vehicle to 90%-100% of its original condition.


Look at some of our PDR repairs in our Gallery.



Why Choose Paintless Dent Repair?



 The price of a Paintless Dent Repair is usually the biggest factor for most of our customers. A typical dime to quarter size ding in your door can cost as little as $99.00 to repair, a fraction of what conventional repair will be.



 An easily accessible dime size ding in your door can be repaired in just minutes. Most repairs can be done in under an hour. Compare this to being without your vehicle for days or potentially weeks.



 Your paint will still be intact which translates to higher retained value of your vehicle. Simply put PDR is the best option for minor dings and dents.



 AutoPro1.com offers the experience and skill level you should demand for what is probably your second largest investment. Once paintless dent repair has been attempted by a less skilled technician the damage is typically made worse and most likely beyond repair without paint and body fillers.


Sometimes a dent is just beyond repair by the method of PDR.


Some possible limitations of PDR are.


  • Cracked or Broken paint.
  • An inaccessible area such as behind a brace or the edge of a panel.
  • Damage that has been badly “kinked”.
  • Collision Damage.
  • Dents that are unusually deep.


These are some of the limitations of PDR if AutoPro1.com can not repair your damaged vehicle we have an extensive knowledge of local body shops and would be very happy to recommend a local body shop that has the same high standards of service and professionalism.




PDR Step #1


 The first step with every customer is an estimate. This is a quick process in which we will evaluate if your damage can be repaired. Explain what results you can expect. Provide the exact pricing involved for your repairs.




 All appointments are set at a local Dealership or Body Shop that we service.




 Once you have your estimate how we proceed is entirely up to you. An appointment can be made at this time for your repairs or you can choose to make your decision on how to proceed later. The estimate is required as a first step and you have what you need if you decide to move ahead with repairs.



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